True Vendor management cover the entire Source-to-settle process.

In order to overcome the challenges, secure compliance, realise savings and improve overall performance, Active Vendor Management is required throughout the source-to-settle process.

Supplier360 have developed a unique suite to help companies of all sizes regain control over its suppliers. Simply subscribe and activate the modules you need.


Vendor Information available in the ERP is often limited to legal and financial information, whereas the information captured in tender process remains localised.
Supplier360 collates information from all the sources and makes it available in a useable format.
Grouping suppliers in a supply base by their impact on the business still remains a challenge for most organisations due to lack of policy guidance and tools.
Supplier360 allows supplier segmentation and classification to ensure better supplier risk management.
Vendor shortlisting often remains an ad-hoc activity and is mostly dictated by the business users with limited facts supporting.
Supplier360 allows for pre-screening existing and potential vendors and maintaining commodity wise pre-approved list of vendors.

Multinational organisations who have grown through acquisitions and the ones with decentralised governance model face the challenge of multiple legacy procurement systems.

Supplier360 with inbuilt AI allows collation of most relevant and updated info at one place.

Large organisations often face the challenge of departments working in silos with limited or no knowledge/ best practices sharing.

Supplier360 Knowledge Centre with its intuitive interface facilitates free flow of knowledge and information within the organisation.

Current Contracts Repositories are often no better than “Document Graveyards” for many organisations.
Supplier360 through its intuitive contracts dashboards makes all the relevant, critical information and action points available in one place.
MS Excel trackers and Outlook reminders might work for routine chores but should not be the de-facto tools for managing strategic contractual discussions.
Supplier360 through its in-built Message Centre allows for scheduling and automating internal and external follow-ups.
Existing email clients are best suited to document and archive and have inherent limitations in being used for active co-ordination.
Supplier360 through its inbuilt features of active notifications and reminders, alerts relevant internal and external stakeholders on time for making the right decisions.
Procurement department is often perceived as the last step in the chain of things, limiting its ability to add value to the sourcing process.
Supplier360 enables execution of pre-procurement activities in a planned and phased manner via pre-defined workflows.


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