Find out why enterprises around the world are embracing Supplier360

to overcome their vendor management challenges and risks.

Supplier360 Cloud Suite

Regain control over your strategic suppliers


Secure Cloud

As a true SaaS solution there is no need for neither investment nor maintenance. We know that your data is both sensitive and critical.
Rest assured that encryption and access is handled with the latest technologies in line with international standards.

Surveys and Questionnaires

All companies and situations are unique. Use the built-in and configurable templates or create your own to meet your exact needs to reduce risk, assess and pre-qualify your vendors.


Profiles and Dashboards

Develop vendor performance and improve relations with highly configurable Profiles and Dashboards – powered with the data you need and updated at a click.

Contracts Repository

Your entire company’s contracts with the supplier organisation in one place thanks to the built in corporate hierarchy filter.

All contents searchable to quickly find the fact you are looking for. Configurable reminders and notifications are of course standard.


Browse and Search

Monitor and track Actions,  KPIs and SLAs

Measure and Follow Up

Search and filter as you need.
Supplier360 displays the facts you are looking for.


Message Centre

Certificates, approvals and reports kept up to date and accessible in the vendor profile simplifying operations for the entire company.

Device Independent

Manage your vendors whenever, from wherever on whatever.
Supplier 360 is accessible on most devices either
through the internet browser or the Supplier360 app.


Control Risks

Risk management is a vital part of any vendor management program. Supplier360 helps you identify, assess and manage vendor risks to safeguard your investments and competitiveness.

Value Added Services

To prepare for, or to execute, corporate wide vendor management programs Supplier360 offers a complete range of value adding services.

AnalyseMe TM

Supplier360 will go through, rationalise, structure, segment and classify your vendors to fit your current and future needs, as well as structure vendor development programs.


FindMe TM

Supplier360 will assist in tailoring the most appropriate Vendor qualification initiatives and in co-operation with your business help you identify and on-board new vendors.

TransformMe TM

The expectations on procurement are rapidly changing all around the world and procurement functions will have to transform to bring maximum value to the business. Supplier360 will help you plan, execute and monitor process transformation as well as plan, implement and adopt various automation tools.


SourceMe TM

With its genuine passion for savings Supplier360 is your ideal partner for the set up, execution and follow-up of important sourcing projects.

ContractMe TM

Negotiations can be tricky, especially in relation to investments or those rare purchases where in-house expertise is absent. This is where the contracting experts from Supplier360 come into play to help you plan and execute your negotiations and bring the result to your Supplier360 contracts’ repository.


HoldMe TM

Analysing risk, identifying and implementing actions to mitigate or eliminate those risks is the core essence of this highly tailorable service.

SaveMe TM

When it is all about savings, power points at the end of the tender process is far from enough. Supplier360 will help you bring compliance by making the negotiated and contracted results the default in your ordering system and help you validate the real savings in your accounts payable solution.


TrainMe TM

Supplier360 is intuitive and self-explanatory with built-in auto adoption requiring no extra training. But with the wealth of experience our team possesses and the collective information we have gained from our valued customers we can help you reach further by tailoring various training initiatives.

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